Quantum Attraction

Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction

How It Works - A Metaphor as an Example

Imagine a large round table with many people seated around the circumference. Now imagine an equally large bowl atop the table, so large it almost covers the entire table, putting the bowl about an arm's length away from everyone. Now fill the bowl with some stuff, any stuff, just some stuff.

Now as with any large bowl of stuff, some people are going to want what's in the bowl, so they will pull the bowl towards themselves. Others won't necessarily want anything in particular, they just like to have stuff, so they also pull the bowl towards them. Still others definitely don't want what's in there, some who don't want it so much they push it away. And finally, there are those - often the majority - who either aren't interested, or are too busy to be interested, and neither pull nor push the bowl.

So who's going to get the stuff in the bowl? Those who are pulling it towards them with the most force or with the most consistency. They will either overpower the others also pulling, or will get the bowl when the others get distracted and stop pulling.

It's really that simple. Focus on what you want. Stay focused, and don't get distracted.